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Ready to be part of the excitement? Open a Laser Quest franchise and bring the thrill of laser tag to your community. With our proven concept, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated support team, you’ll be set up for success. Get in touch with us today to start your adventure in the world of Laser Quest!

What's included

Your Franchise license also includes the following to help your business:

24/7 Engineer Support

Our engineers are on-hand to support you 24/7 with any technical issues that may arise, and will ensure your LQX system runs to optimal performance.

Operational Guidance & Support

Our team is here to offer you support whenever you need it; whether its operations advice or guidance covering any other aspect of your business.

Business Growth Advisory

As your business grows, you may want to add to your venue, or even expand! We can provide you with helpful contacts and advice.

Laser Quest Technology

Over the years LQX equipment has built up an excellent reputation with both Laser Quest operators and laser tag enthusiasts alike.

LQX is the UK’s most popular laser tag system renowned for being robust, reliable, and boasting many customisable game formats and features.


Option to choose your own unique alias and receive your own personalised scorecard with detailed game analysis

Up to four coloured teams can participate in a game at the same time with many customisable options including limited lives and shots

A Wi-Fi based scoring system means scores are displayed in real time and staff involvement is kept to a minimum

Our LQX systems are available with no upfront costs on a low monthly rental inclusive of maintenance, replacements, upgrades and 24-hour support. You can choose to reduce or increase your equipment based on your specific business trends

Comfortable lightweight ponchos with fidlock© buckles

LCD display which shows in game information like who zapped you or what your current rank is

Our Li-Ion batteries last longer than any other battery on the market and run all day so you can maximise business at busy times

Membership and league system allow members to access data and league positions with their own RFID cell

Multiple game formats

Online League Scoring

Made in Britain

The Best Tagging Technology

Laser Quest Pro provides the highest quality laser tag gameplay. It starts with our unique-in-the-industry computer aided alignment process, ensuring that every single laser is evenly matched and accurate. We then angle the 16 hit sensors to prevent tagging dead zones.

More Inclusive Vestless Add-Ons

No player left behind. We’ve developed a solution for small children, disabled enthusiasts. Cant wear a vest? Our vestless phasers are fully compatible with the Laser Quest Pro system. Having a few at your facility will ensure families and players of all types will be able to play in your arena.

Game Variety

Every Laser Quest Pro system includes over 30 game formats and access to new game formats as we create them every year! Some games are intended for smaller groups to make the arena fun even if only 5 people want to play on a weekday afternoon, some are fun for big groups of new players and some are tailored for advanced players on special members nights.


Touchscreen display

Selfie Camera

Dual red/green laser

Shoulder mounted 4-voice stereo speakers

Wireless charging racks

Comfortable futuristic lightweight design

Targets – Award bonus points and active affects

Cybergates – Restrict access and award powerups

Base Stations – Central defence points

AI Targets – 10 Interactive opponents to bring your arena to life

Elements – Multipurpose: Mine recharge station or detector

Vestless phaser – Phaser only addons to include players of all sizes and handicaps

Cyberweb – Frequent player program

The CyberBlast phaser system is typically used for portable applications however can also be used as a low-cost fixed attraction to reach a younger target audience. If you would like to use a CyberBlast phaser in a fixed attraction several options are available to improve the game experience.

The 2-watt multi voice speaker allows multiple sound affects to be played at once, so you don’t miss out on critical updates throughout the game. A pico-vibrator is mounted in the grip of the phaser, providing tactile feedback when the trigger is pulled and when you are tagged. The RGB LCD shows your rank, score, shots remaining and other information throughout the game. Angled at 45 degrees, the screen can be read quickly so you can get back in the action. Extra thick rubber surrounds the LCD preventing damage to the most sensitive part of the phaser. The phasers can be housed in a heavy duty carry case or a phaser rack.


Touch screen display / Selfie Camera / 12-16 hours Battery life

Lightest weight system (2 pounds per phaser)

Low-cost system

Simple touch screen operation

Music Control


Basic Game Parameters

Compatible with Laser Quest Pro System

Cyberblast Pro is perfect for

Mobile Party Rentals

Soft Play Centres

Mini Laser Tag Addition

Revenue, Investment & Financing

Investment (Fit out)

Fit out costs vary depending on many factors. Below is a breakdown of costs involved with a typical stand-alone multi-level Laser Quest centre from shell condition. Every build is different.

Derby location 5000 SF Unit in shell condition

Legal & SDLT


Architectural Drawings & Planning




Reception Counter area


Partition walls, Doors


Multi-level Arena labour & materials




Artists Theming




IT equipment


Audio equipment


Website & Promotional


Waste removal




Staff training & Staff Uniform


Deposit Augmented Climbing wall


Toilets and kitchen install


H&S signage extinguishers






Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Check out our FAQs below!

This can vary, based on location, the size of your venue, the pricing and more, however, typically we tend to see almost all new operators generate a ROI within the first 12 months (after break-even), with a steady increase in ROI thereafter.

Location, Population, Marketing, Parking and Operating Hours.

From the Marketing perspective, we have an expert marking agency who are highly experienced in the Leisure and Hospitality sector, and know Laser Quest inside and out.

We can put you in touch with them, should you need web and marketing services. We use them for a number of our locations and they have consistently delivered an excellent return on investment on a monthly marketing budget (separate to your franchise fees).

  • Single level arena or multi-level
  • Existing condition of the premises; for example are toilets, electrical
    installation, fire alarm already in-situ?
  • Do the premises require a change of use?

Laser Quest can guide you through the process of opening your very own centre. With over 30 years’ experience in the laser tag industry, we are here to assist you in making your vision a reality and can assist with the following.

  • Sourcing premises in your desired Town or City
  • Negotiating leases
  • Recommending planning consultants, designers, building contractors, theme artists and suppliers
  • Ongoing expert advice and support
  • Supply Marketing material and include your venue in national promotions
  • Put you in touch with our preferred partner digital marketing and media agency

Management & Staff

The quality of the management and staff that run YOUR Laser Quest centre is vital. They are the face of your Laser Quest franchise, and their general demeanour and attitude to their job (and customers) will greatly influence your customers’ experience when visiting your venue.

Yes, you can! We can put you in touch with several lenders who have previously helped fund many Laser Quest builds. In some cases, we may be able to offer in-house financing on equipment purchases.

Most repairs are very simple and can be handled using your spare parts kit. Our support engineer is available to assist 7 days a week.

Replacement phasers or vests will be sent out from Laser Quest HQ within 3 working days of being notified.

We offer three Laser Tag solutions, ranging from a vestless phaser system, which ideal for mobile operators and soft-play centres – details here:

Our popular LQX Classic kit is used at many franchises and is a popular choice. More details can be seen here:

We also offer our Laser Quest Pro system with ALL the features, as seen here

We would recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we will make a recommendation.

We recommend 125-160 square feet per player.

A typical starter system size is 20 vests which would require at least 2,500 square feet. When laser tag accompanies other attractions, it can range from 2,500 square feet to 4,000 square feet.

Laser Quest only attractions tend to be a little larger at 4,000 to 6,500 square feet with 24-32 vests.

Remember the Laser Quest rental model allows you to reduce and increase your equipment throughout the year.

Check out our locations page. We have over 50 locations in the UK and Ireland.

Do you have a question for us?

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have!

Setup process

We have a simple, 3-step approach to our setup process to keep things easy:


The first step for anyone looking to set up a Laser Quest franchise is to discuss it with our operations team. The aim of this discussion is to determine what you want to achieve with the franchise and the best ways to achieve your goals.



The next stage is to start planning and creating the business! Laser Quest GB is here to support you throughout the whole build process; from advising on suitable premises, the build of the arena to ensuring your operations run smoothly.


The best bit – the launch of your new business! A huge part of creating a new business is to take time to reflect and celebrate your achievement – it’s an important milestone! Now the fun really begins; it’s time to start running your Laser Quest franchise!

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