Take your selfie before the mission begins, so your friends can see your smiling face when you blast them! The selfie appears next to your ranking outside the arena so you can see how you stacked up against your friends in the mission recap.

Parents can also see how their child is doing throughout the game- instead of wondering which sci-fi code name is theirs.

laser quest selfie camera

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laser quest touch display


Laser Quest Pro features an incredible touchscreen display that has been angled at 45 degrees so that you can take a quick glance while staying immersed in the game around you. Every function of the display has been designed for rapid activation.

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Our bright and wide green Aurora laser acts as the main firing laser. A secondary narrow point red laser acts as a more discrete aiming laser to line up your shot without giving away your position. Simply touch the conveniently placed aiming capacitive touch button, and your aiming laser will appear until you release it.

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