Over the years LQX has built up an excellent reputation with both Laser Quest operators and customers alike.

LQX is the UK’s most popular laser tag system amongst operators, renowned for being robust, reliable and boasting many features.

Option to choose your own unique alias and receive your own personalised scorecard with detailed game analysis.

LCD display which shows in game information like who zapped you or what your current rank is.

Up to three coloured teams can participate at the same time with many customisable options including limited lives and shots.

Our Li-Ion batteries last longer than any other battery on the market and run all day so you can maximise business at busy times.

A Wi-Fi based scoring system means scores are displayed in real time and staff involvement is kept to a minimum.

Membership and league system allow members to access data and league positions with their own RFID cell

LQX is available with no up front costs on a low monthly rental including all maintenance, replacements, upgrades and 24-hour support. You can choose to reduce or increase your equipment based on your specific business trends throughout the year.

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laser quest lqx classic
laser quest lqx classic

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